Child Walking Kid Exercises Is The Start To A Great Kid Fitness Program

You are convinced your kid needs to exercise and a child walking kid exercises program is a great place to.

You are convinced your kid needs to exercise and a child walking kid exercises program is a great place to start. Well, I couldn’t agree more. Nobody ever said a child exercise program has to be expensive or costly, and getting your kids moving is just the tip of the iceberg when you are talking about a kid’s fitness program.

What is the first thing a parent should do when beginning a child fitness program involving child walking or any other kid exercises? If your child suffers from obesity, it is a good idea to get an evaluation from a doctor. However, if he or she is a little chubby around the midsection, a great place to start is to get your kids moving and take a look at your kid’s diet.

When kids are moving, energy is being expended and calories are being burned. Any aerobic activity is good for your kids, but a child walking kid exercises program is easy to set up.

First, you are going to have to motivate your kids to start your child walking. The best motivation for beginning a child exercise program and increasing your kid’s fitness is that you do it together. You know, most adults I know (including me) can always stand to shed a few pounds too. Adult exercises and kid exercises aren’t really all that different. The intensity level is the only thing you have to watch.

Parents have a ton of influence on what their kids do and what kids put into their bodies. A child diet and workable kids fitness program begins with proactive parenting and planning.

Begin by turning off the TV or video games and using them as bargaining chips. Contrary to most kid’s beliefs, television and video games are not a God given right! When these activities are declared to be privileges that can be taken away if Mom and Dad don’t get cooperation, they can be instant motivators to changing behavior.

Next, look at the kid’s shoes and exercise clothing. You don’t want to start your child exercise program off on the wrong foot. Make sure to get a decent pair of sneakers with adequate support, and loose clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Most kids won’t care what they look like or what kind of shoes they wear while walking, but if the clothes or shoes are old, ratty and uncomfortable it could make getting your child walking a bit of a chore.

Look at a few routes around your neighborhood. Change them up and don’t do the same route everyday. Make sure the routes are relatively safe and that you don’t have to walk on a busy street.

Then simply turn off the TV and declare you are all going for a walk. It can even be conditional, such as, “We walk for 20 minutes and then you can play video games or watch TV.

In order to benefit from a walking program, you should aim to start out walking three times a week. Start out slowly if your kids haven’t exercised in a while, but pick up the pace to the point where it is challenging to talk, but not impossible.

You and your child can begin walking fifteen minutes a day the first week, and then add five minutes a day every subsequent week to the point you are walking for 45 minutes a day five times per week. If you want your kids to lose weight they must exercise at least five times per week. If you are trying to get them to live healthier lives, then three times a week is a great goal.

Walking outside isn’t always convenient. Nobody likes walking outside when it is cold or rainy. So a treadmill is a great tool to have in the home if you can afford it.See a complete selection of treadmills. Click Here! If you set it up in the TV room, then you have a built-in motivator for making your kids walk. If they want to watch TV, then they can walk while they do it for 30 minutes. This is a great way to begin a child exercise program.

If a child is moving for 30 minutes five times a day, imagine the number of calories expended. Depending on height and weight, a child could burn off 100-200 extra calories a day. Multiplied by five, that is 500-1000 calories extra a week.

If the sugar consumption (soda pop, candy, ice cream, cake, yes all the good stuff) is minimized from your child’s diet, you will see an explosive reduction in body weight. If you’ll notice, I didn’t say complete removal of sugar. Only do this if directed by your doctor or if you want a mutiny on your hands.

I once had a doctor tell me to cut out all sugar, ice cream, cookies, and cake. I remember thinking, “That isn’t going to happen.” You gotta live a little! Everything in moderation.

Starting your child walking kid exercises is a great way to help them increase their metabolism. Think of the metabolism as the body’s natural fat burning machine. The more the body moves, they higher the metabolism. The higher the metabolism, the more difficult it is for the body to hang onto fat.

A kid exercise program which includes walking would also benefit from simple muscle building activities.

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