How Snoring Can Lead to a Marriage Breakdown

Living with someone who can be an annoying thing. However, when it comes to snoring and the marital bed, there.

Living with someone who can be an annoying thing. However, when it comes to snoring and the marital bed, there is a large connection that shows it can be devastating, if not deadly to your marriage because most of the time people are forced to move to a different room to sleep away from their partner.

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A research at The Sleep Disorders Center at Rush University Medical Center led a scientific study to assess how a snoring spouse can affect marital happiness. They found that couples where one partner suffers from sleep apnea or snoring concerns have a way higher divorce rate. They also noticed that married couples in this situation have a high rate of marital discontent and a diminished quality of life.

Sadly, many couples believe that a snoring issue is similar to a health issue, and one that they do not have control over. So while they protest, they perceive it as a condition of marriage. However, is this a situation that a couple can live with peacefully? Experts and studies apparently say no.

Another dilemma is that sleep apnea and snoring issues are often related to manageable health problems. They are frequently associated with being overweight, drinking too much, or even tobacco consumption. Since many of them are preventable issues, the couple often has an underlying sense of resentment and anger about the snoring. The no snoring partner may wonder why their spouse cannot just lose weight, or quit drinking.

According to statistics about 40% of adults over the age of 30 snores. The difficulties associated with snoring, especially as they pertain to marriage are likely huge and yet underestimated because people feel so helpless about the issue.

What can be done?

The first thing to realize is that snoring regardless of the causes can be a health issue. If your spouse snores, they probably don’t know it but should seek medical help and sign up to have a sleep study done. They also should try to lose some weight and follow advice about how to snore less. Trying to use strips on their nose, taking medications, changing their sleep positioning and withdrawing from some foods that can cause snoring must be the first step. In more than half of all the adults that snore excessively at night, sleep apnea is diagnosed during a sleep study. Most often, patients are given masks to correct sleep breathing at night that provide them with an oxygen supply.

Additionally, couples should do everything in their ability to avoid coming to a solution of sleeping separately. Use ear plugs, or utilize devices that play background noise so that the snoring will be drowned out. These efforts can be good enough for many couples but don’t work for all.

The Couples Sleep Study at Rush Medical Center found that snoring is the thirdly identified medical reason that couples file for divorce. This is a red flag for just how damaging ignoring snoring can be in your marriage. Instead of living with it, convince your partner to get some help so that both of you can get the peaceful slumber that you need.


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